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shore to ocean [Tauro x Lev Malakh] [Skype] [P]
« on: November 17, 2016, 09:18:10 AM »
so i would post on lev's account but lol i can't rn
i'm also posting this because it'd be easier to read in sections!
this will be continued!

Tauro: It was almost time to go home. A couple more days, and they would see whether their allies let them leave. That was something to worry about later, something to put at the back of his mind. He knows she's somewhere nearby, because he'd asked her to be! She'd keep her word, wouldn't she? She was loyal, that's what he'd said. "Lev!" he calls, turning about to peer through the trees. "Hey, come out, I want to show you something!"

Lev Malakh: Things had actually been good lately. She hadn't seen her brother at all, thank goodness, so he wouldn't know she was around, watching him, but mostly watching the one she came for. Tauro had asked her to meet up somewhere, so she sat, patiently waiting under a purple tinted tree. Ears perked when she heard him chirp for her. "Over here!" she called, peering around the trunk. With a smile on her face, she would approach him. "What is it?"

Tauro: He perks his ears at her return call and moves to meet her, tail wagging. He gingerly sniffs around her face and ruff if she let him. "I've just been looking around... found a place kind of like home. Wanna see it?"

Lev Malakh: Tail wagged and she giggled as Tauro sniffed at her face. "Yeah!" she barked, excited to see what he found. The girl would hop around him playfully, obviously rearing to go!

Tauro: He turns and picks his way through the forest, eventually reaching a stream. He follows it. "Hey... do you like it here?"

Lev Malakh: Lev follows beside him, matching his pace. He asked if she liked it here, and her head tilted slightly as she thought about it. Did she? Perhaps not, it kind of reminded her of home. Her former home, except instead of poppies littering the ground in a sea of red, the skies were clouded by purple. Gemini had been so open, with little forest and the cool weather was enough to place her mind somewhere not in the jungle. "It's okay. It kind of reminds me of..." No, it wasn't home. Not anymore. "Where I was born."

Tauro: He tilts his head, an ear swiveling towards her. He breathes deeply and exhales through his teeth, softly whistling. "Saboro, right?" He glances over at her to gauge her reaction before he continues, "...Why? You don't have to say if you don't want. I'm just... curious."

Lev Malakh: Tauro voiced the name she detested, but her expression showed no ill feelings. She was too happy to be with him to sour her demeanor. "Yes." she said. She was silent a little bit after his curiosity, mostly gauging why she was nostalgic about the red jungle. "The monochrome color. Saboro was very red with poppies, even their tattoos on their elite. Inaria is so... purple." Lev then sighed and dared to go further. "They both went to war with each other too."

Tauro: He nods, casting a look at the twisting boughs overhead. Under the tone of her voice, a distant roaring could be heard. The thrum was, by now, familiar. "It's kind of boring, isn't it?" he questions with a half grin. "I would get tired of so much of the same."

Lev Malakh: A waterfall was near by. Or, at least that's what it sounded like, yet there was a rhythm to it like a heart beat. She felt warm all of a sudden, she loved the ocean. "Yeah, it is. It really is." she admitted, chuckling under her breath.

Tauro: The trees were thinning out and he could smell it now-- salt. It smelled warmer than home, somehow, but still hauntingly familiar. He looks over at her and grins before he kicks into a run, breaking free of the suffocating forest and thundering across the sand. The beach was white and long... not like home at all. But the ocean was the same, though he didn't know it. The water stretched forever.

Lev Malakh: Once the salty air hit her senses, she would take off a little bit before or the same time as Tauro. The softer sand was harder to run in, muscles rippling under her coat as they worked hard to give her momentum under low-impact ground. She would run toward the water, the white sand a more beautiful contrast to the jade waves, unlike the black against gray at home. Once she reached the lapping shore, she'd slow down, rearing up on her hind legs, whirling around toward Tauro in a playful gesture.

Tauro: He lets her get ahead and nips at her flanks, slowing as they reached the foam of waves before them. He dips in a bow when she turns on him, his eyes dancing. "It's nice, right?"

Lev Malakh: Just as she was about to go back on all fours, a wave passed over her back feet, and she would let her upper body fall with full weight as to splash both of them with a laugh. "Yeah!" she'd chirp. "Thank you for taking me!"

Tauro: The water was lukewarm. Better than the biting cold he'd gotten used to. He laughs as the wave rushes past them both. He blinks salt from his eyes and surges towards her.... then past her, right into the next oncoming wave. WHUMPH

Lev Malakh: Tauro shot toward her, but then past her into the water. The water was warmer than she expected, and it felt nice for once. She followed, getting splashed by the waves that came, the salt stinging her muzzle and she could taste it. She didn't care though, she would go further and further into the water.

Tauro: He laughs, swimming for his life and getting buffeted around by each incoming wave.   "It's warmer than I thought it'd be..." he calls to her, remembering the bitter bite of the water back home. "Could stay out here forever, probably!"

Lev Malakh: She nods in agreement. This too though reminded her of the jungle water, which made her stomach drop for a moment thinking of crocs. But Crocs didn't come to the ocean, right? So she swallowed the bile that caught up in her throat and she smiled forcefully against her fear. " Yeah, it feels really nice." Paws scrambled to get to the shore and she would lay down as the waves swayed around her.

Tauro: He keeps paddling around, oblivious to her discomfort for the moment. They grew up in such different places. There were crocodiles in the swamp, but unlike his siblings, he never thought to touch one. Belatedly he notices her retreat and slowly wades back into the shallows. "Getting out already?"

Lev Malakh: "Yeah, sorry. Deep water makes me nervous, I suppose." she said, shifting her elbows deeper into the sand. " It's nice though. Warm. Not cold. "

Tauro: He stops in front of her, water swirling around his legs. He shrugs and sits. "That's fine, no big deal... we can stay here instead."

Lev Malakh: " How do you like Inaria? " she asks, changing the subject. She felt bad, she knew he wanted to play in the water but that unnatural fear was built into her since she was very young. Kol Nidre had conditioned her to fear certain things, and this was one of them. But she wasn't there, she was right here with Tauro and she felt comfortable.

Tauro: He shrugs again, wet tail slapping against the water. "It's okay. I don't think I'd want to live here... it's so..." He rolls his eyes off, looking towards the treeline. "...Quiet! It's quiet. ...What about you?"

Lev Malakh: " I have a low opinion of it. " She knew of the politics between Inaria and Saboro. Akki had gone to war here, and she knew if he ever found out (which, he does eventually) that he would not be happy his kids were sent here. Yet again, she knew her father wanted his kids to be able to do things he wasn't able to, what Lev wasn't able to in Saboro. Tail swayed across the sand as another wave patted her backside. " It's a place I thought I'd never see. Even now, it is quiet, boring. Unnecessary. "

Tauro: He arches his brows, eventually looking back down at her. "Oh, come on, it's not all that bad. There's at least one good thing here."

Lev Malakh: " You're right. " Lev stretched and stood up, shaking some of the salty water from her pelt. " The only good thing here is you. "

Tauro: "I was gonna say that," he growls softly, leaning over to nip at her. "What're you doing in my head, huh?"

Lev Malakh: She giggles as he nips at her, as she only nips back before giving him a kiss on the cheek. " Sorry, you just walked right into that one! "

Tauro: He smiles-- a little more bashful than he'd intended. He tilts his head and returns the gesture, soft and gentle where moments before he'd been playful, a little rough. "Hey... can I ask you something?" he murmurs, smile fading. "Do you think... that you and Akira could be friends?"

Lev Malakh: Golden eyes looked up into sky blue ones as Tauro wanted to ask something. She'd give a slight nod, indicating yes before he proceeded to ask about Akira. She blinked, a little surprised. " Well... " she started to say. " We got off on the wrong foot. I apologized to her, though she seems to take it with a grain of salt. I know what I said was unfair. My father talked with me, I talked with Serrate, I apologized to her too. " She sighed, sweeping her head away from Tauro, her eyes half closed as if she was upset or sad.

Tauro: He flicks an ear back, subconsciously mirroring his mother. "Ehhh... she'll come around." Or she wouldn't. Did he really care either way? Who cares what people think, right? Except Akira wasn't exactly... people. "It'll be fine, I think."

Lev Malakh: Lev looked back up at him and sighed. " I helped her name the tower. I think she sort of accepted my apology, but I can't force her to like me. "

Tauro: He smiles in return, his tail thumping in the foaming water. Everything's fine. "I just want my favorite people on the same page... but it's not a big deal."

Lev Malakh: She gives a half smile back at him. " I'll get along with her. " she reassures him. She wouldn't get mad or snap at her at least, though if she continued to give the cold shoulder, then so be it. She wasn't going to make a big deal out of it anymore. If her and Tauro were going to be together, their family would have to tolerate one another.

Tauro: He leans forward a bit, shifting his front feet in the sand. The indentations left by his paws fill with water and lose their features. "It'll be fine. Hey, what do you think your family will think?" He grins toothily, leaning back. "Some of them don't like me all that much either... but it's okay."

Lev Malakh: Lev lightly laughed. " Don't worry about it, Akki doesn't like a lot of people. Don't take it personally. " Akki had been the central point of the mess, attacking Serrate and even almost killing her. She shouldn't have attacked him either, that whole situation was just effed up in her mind. Lev was so blown away at the amount of blood was shed. " Akki would be the only one bitter about it. And maybe Zeke. " Ah yes, her little hot-headed little dweeb of a brother.

Tauro: "The little blue one with the weird nose wants to fight me..." he laughs and shakes his head. "Maybe when she's older." He grins over at her. "I'm not worried about it as long as you aren't."

Lev Malakh: " I'm not " she again reassures him, giving a loving nip to his cheek. " I'm just wondering what my dad will think, mostly. "

Tauro: "Well!" he gusts, "I hope he'll think you made a good choice!" his smile falters, but only just. Was he worried? Well... not exactly. But probably he SHOULD care what her dad thought. To some degree, anyway. "What do you think?"

Lev Malakh: Tauro seemed nervous, so Lev leaned to nuzzle under his chin. " My father is very understanding, more so than Akki. I'm sure he'll be happy for me. That's all he really strives for his children. "

Tauro: He studies her for a moment with that same easy grin before he looks off at the ocean. "That's good," he starts, chewing on his thoughts in silence before venturing, "...and if he's not?"

Lev Malakh: Lev moves to sit behind him, watching out into the ocean as well. She could tell that he was nervous about the approval of her father, but Lev wasn't worried at all. " I'm an adult. I'm not a child anymore, I can make my own choices. He told me to follow my heart, and I am. "

Tauro: He lifts his head, back straightening as he looked out over the endless blue. "Where does it take you? Do you have a... path?"

Lev Malakh: " Well.... " she started, leaning on him a little. " To be by your side and protect you. "

Tauro: He looks back at her. "Might be a lot of work."

Lev Malakh: " I come from a place where work was everything, that if you didn't work, you'd be... disposed of. I think I'll be okay. "

Tauro: He smiles, rising and turning to face her. The smile fades as he really processes what she's said. He tucks his head against her ruff, looking hard at the beach and the forest beyond. "Well. You won't have to worry about that now."

Lev Malakh: Lev leans into him more fully, appreciating his warmth and company more than ever. She was free, free to live and love, to laugh and to prosper. Saboro was a dungeon, and she felt so lucky to have had the opportunity to escape. " I'm happy to have found Gemini. To have found you. "

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Re: shore to ocean [Tauro x Lev Malakh] [Skype] [P]
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2016, 10:35:12 AM »
Tauro: He laughs, chest puffing a bit. "Oh, I'm the lucky one, really. You know... places like that are gonna destroy themselves. When they do, we'll still be here."

Lev Malakh: Lev laughs with him, feeling the heaviness lift a little. She hated being so serious, but honestly she didn't really have a childhood. "I wouldn't mind if Saboro disappeared under the might of the volcano, forever."

Tauro: "If you had the chance," he ventures, nuzzling her neck, "...would you try to take it down? Help it along, anyway." He falls silent for a long moment before he snorts out a sigh. "I think my mom wanted to. Back when she found you."

Lev Malakh: "If I was a Queen, yes... i would try... " Thought Lev knew deep down the Empire was much too strong. Alliances would need to be forged and forces would need to be strong. The scar upon her shoulder would remind her just how much teeth to flesh felt, how much pain it caused. Wolves died in this land, died horribly. Perhaps Akki could shed some light on that.

Tauro: "The eruption had to have weakened them, I figure." he muses before he lightly nips her ear, following up with a gentle kiss. "I didn't bring you out here to talk about the stuff we hate, anyway, though... unless you wanted to?" He pulls back, brows up and eyes open doors, inviting her.

Lev Malakh: A brow lifts as she looks up at him, golden eyes more hardened than they were earlier. "Their downfall would be their own people." Lev would lean back into his scruff though, closing her eyes as she sighed out her tenseness. "It's all but a bitter taste in my mouth, and those that lived there."

Tauro: He rests his chin atop her head once she leans in, one of his ears flopping over. It always would. "Does Gemini feel like home yet? I think it does for me. I barely miss the old tree anymore."

Lev Malakh: "Yeah. I didn't stay in the other territory long before we moved to the shore." In fact, she hadn't stayed long at all. Tauro and the rest of Gemini had moved on long before she had arrived with Ki Tisa and Serrate.

Tauro: His tail thumps and he just sits quietly for a few moments, enjoying her company. His old home was a distant thought these days. Maybe someday, hers would be too. "Wanna see what else is here?"

Lev Malakh: She couldn't help but smile when she heard his tail thumping. He thankfully suggested to see what else was here, and she nodded slightly under him. "Yeah!"

Tauro: He pulls away from her and stands, padding slowly away from the incoming tide. He stops to curiously watch a crab scuttle past, chasing the retreating water. This one was different from the one that plagued the hellhorse, but-- he would show caution towards anything with claws like that! He looks back at her before he grins and takes off, kicking up sand and fleeing further down the shore.

Lev Malakh: Lev watches the crab scuttle across as Tauro moved from her, cautious of the creature with it's claws snapping at them. The girl almost snickered at the attempts to be so intimidating, but she takes off after Tauro instead.

Tauro: He looks back at her and grins, pushing himself harder and racing across the beach. She was faster than him, no doubt, but he had a head start! THAT WAS HIS PLAN THE WHOLE TIME....... SMELL YA LATER

Lev Malakh: She could easily pass him, but he was starting to grow past her withers, which meant he had a larger stride. And perhaps she would let him win... this time. Still, she eased her pace just behind him, occasionally nipping at his side.

Tauro: He bares his teeth at her and whuffs every time she nips him. The shore seemed to go on forever, so much different from Gemini's short, curved beach. He might have kept running had the scent of charred wood not reached him-- he slows, panting. Like the forge, but old and cold.

Lev Malakh: Despite their easy run, splashing paws on the wet sand, the land did not last forever. Tauro eventually slowed, as did Lev, panting as her lungs burned. She could taste it too, within the air was that scent of charcoal, the reminder of fire had ravaged the land. It was a smell she hated, made the hairs on her nape prickle with unease.

Tauro: It didn't take long to spot the culprit; stacked logs on the beach, burnt and blackened within a circle of stones. He frowns and glances back at her. "Let's go back," he suggests, frown easing into his usual open smile. "Nothing worth seeing this way, I think."

Lev Malakh: There was something odd about this scene. Someone contained the fire it seemed, keeping it within the circle of stones that surrounded the ashes and burnt wood. Tauro must've sensed her unease as he suggested to go somewhere else, that this wasn't anything important. "Yeah..." she said, turning inland and walking confidently away, as much as she could anyway. That scar was still far too fresh.

Tauro: He takes to her right, blocking the offensive dead bonfire from view. It hadn't burned for a while. But ultimately, what did that matter? He walks with her in silence for a while, salt crusting in his drying fur. When they were well into the forest again, he looks to her. "Anything you want to get into before we say goodbye to this... purple place?"

Lev Malakh: The silence was almost awkward until Tauro started to talk again, letting Lev's mind ease a little. "Not really. I never really had a reason to come here other than to make sure you were okay."

Tauro: "Well," he exhales, "I'm okay." He glances over at her. "I think maybe today we should do something for you?"

Lev Malakh: "Something for me?" she questions him, wondering if he had something up his sleeve.

Tauro: He nods, looking over at her expectantly. "Yeah, anything you'd like! The rest of the day is yours." He smiles hopefully. The beach has been kiiiinda a bust.

Lev Malakh: "mmm..." she hummed, wondering what they could do together. Inaria was a black hole to her, she knew nothing about the land or what was probable. Then something clicked. "I know of a thing, but it doesn't happen until sunset."

Tauro: He wags his tail and looks ahead again, glancing back at her every so often. "Can I know now, or is it gonna be a surprise?"

Lev Malakh: She bounces in her step, nipping at his ear. "Surprise!"

Tauro: He growls playfully and dances away. "Okay, okay! Maybe we can find some food in the meantime?"

Lev Malakh: She giggles as he dances away from her, but Lev keeps prancing forward. "Sounds good, actually. I'm starving."

Tauro: He nips at her tail, grinning. "Well, let's rustle up some grub. Your choice."

Lev Malakh: "I've seen healthy deer around. Sound good?"

Tauro: He nods. "Lead the way."

Lev Malakh: Lev takes off, clawing the dirt as traction. She now has the head start, and she won't be easy on him this time!

Tauro: He follows after, giving her plenty of lead. He grins, calling out, "Don't tire yourself out before we find something!"

Lev Malakh: "Maybe! You might get tired before I do!"

Tauro: He grins and keeps his steady pace. "Not at this rate!" If she continued, he'd keep up just enough to keep her in view, scanning the woods leisurely as they ran.

Lev Malakh: She slows, conserving her energy. Akki was a good teacher, but she knew his teachings would be useless if she spent all of her energy in one burst. So, she weaved through the trees, keeping her breathing at a level she could stand. Deer were mainly seen in the meadows and grasslands on Inaria, so that is where she headed.

Tauro: He catches up to her, lightly nosing her haunch to let her know he was there before leaving her to her concentration! Oh, sure, he was looking, too... but he was focused more on something else, his eyes wandering and every so often returning to her.

Lev Malakh: She has the look of determination, that sweet girl gone hunter. Dangerous predator. Lev eventually slows down to a trot, focusing on the air more than anything. Ears work to find any sounds much like a radar catching signals. If she were like Akki, she would set a clever trap, but those traps took time, effort, planning. Something she didn't have at the moment. She eventually reached the edge of a fairly large meadow, and her paws stopped just before the edge, golden eyes peering around.

Tauro: Something rustles on the far side. He shifts towards her, peering towards the sound. He lightly nudges her, regardless of whether or not she had already noticed. He lifts his nose, testing the air. Eventually the deer lifts her head to show off the backs of those big ol ears.

Lev Malakh: Lev nods when he nudges her. noticing the doe on the far side. "I'll go around, lure her toward you." With that, she'd keep to the edge of the tree line, making sure to keep hidden until she needed to make an appearance. She would travel to flank the doe, giving some hints that a predator was around to distract her from the real teeth.

Tauro: He creeps out into the meadow, lowering himself so that he could just see over the grass. He circles around, watching and waiting, laying in wait where he thought she would spring.

Lev Malakh: As she sees him get into position, Lev springs forward directly behind the doe, prompting her to spring away the opposite to her, directly toward Tauro.

Tauro: He waits, jaw trembling, and springs at the doe as she passes by, grabbing a leg and narrowly escaping getting cracked by the other!

Lev Malakh: Lev is not too far behind, and as Tauro holds one leg to keep the poor doe still, she goes in for the kill by leaping into the air onto the prey's back, claws slicing flesh and teeth rendering the back of the neck useless.

Tauro: He shakes it off, preparing to hamstring the doe but Lev was already on top of it (figuratively and literally!). The doe cries once before it crumples to the ground, further movements feeble.

Lev Malakh: Shakes her pelt and stands up. "WOO that was fun."

Tauro: He slowly rises and shakes himself as well. "Almost got me," he laughs.

Lev Malakh: She nips at his cheek playfully. "You're alright." Welp, time for grub. omnomnom.

Tauro: He eats his fill and then, after cleaning up... passes out until probably sunset. Gotta work off that gut! By... SLEEPING.

Lev Malakh: She too gets her fill before laying next to him, grooming his stained muzzle before drifting off herself. Sunset comes around soon enough, the trees creating elongated shadows.

Tauro: He wakes slowly, as if from a dream. He doesn't want to give it up and curls closer to her instead.

Lev Malakh: She opens her eyes just slightly noticing it's getting darker. In some way she wants to keep her eyes shut and drift off again, especially since she can feel his warmth curling around her. Lev remembers what she wanted to show him though, and slowly lifts her head. She wonders if it's dark enough...

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Re: shore to ocean [Tauro x Lev Malakh] [Skype] [P]
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2017, 03:43:14 PM »
He grumbles his complaints when she moves, but eventually opens his eyes to blearily peer at her. He manages an inquisitive sound. Words... too hard...

Lev grooms him for a few minutes, trying to wake him up as the sun finally sets beyond the horizon. As the darkness comes, a few lights blink around the grass. There's only a few of them at first, but more and more light up until the whole meadow is glistened by fireflies.

He sighs from his nose, tucking his snout against her neck and thinking, just for the moment, about falling back asleep. But, alas, he wouldn't, even if he wanted to. He lifts his head, FINALLY, and looks around, enjoying the moment in silence.

The little bugs seemingly swarmed around them as well. Lev smiled, enjoying the phenomenon as she never had really seen fireflies in this quantity before she came to Inaria. Okay, so this was the second good thing about this place.

After a good long time, he looks to her and murmurs, as if he might disturb the spectacle, "Is this what you wanted to show me?"

She nods. "Yeah, it's neat." As night sets in deeply, the fireflies basks the meadow in green light.

He watches as the bugs light up all across the field. He smiles faintly and leans his head against her. "Yeah. Nice one, Lev."

She smiles wide and leans back into him, watching the fireflies dance like the stars all across the meadow. It was nice, watching this spectacle and being snugged up with someone she felt so immensely comfortable with.

He watches in silence for a while, eyes drifting from the glittering bugs to the back of her ears. His eyes travel and he studies what he can see of her in the dark.

Lev is a very stocky build female despite her father's appearance of a thin arctic. She must be more like her mother than anything. The scar on her shoulder is very apparent, something ripped into the fur and muscle to cause such a sight. She can feel his gaze after a few minutes and she turns her head to look at him, her features soft, especially in the lighting. Her eyes are like gold coins, if not more beautiful than that.

She catches him in the act and he turns a little bashful, glancing away and huffing out a breath. Nothing to see here! Haha! He was watching fireflies! Right? RIGHT...

She gives a light chuckle before kissing his cheek, setting her head back into his arms, finally feeling at peace.

He gathers his thoughts while watching the fireflies, glancing back at her and lowering his head to groom her lightly with his teeth. "Hey, Lev..."

"Hmm?" she hums questionably.

He wiffles and waffles before he smiles and shrugs, nipping at her ruff. He growls playfully. Did you want to... rest??? FOOLISH

She thumps her tail on the ground a few times, giving a playful low growl before she nips at his shoulder.


The growl keeps rumbling in his throat, escaping his jaws in unkingly bow-wows and rumbles. His tail wags and he tries to duck his nose under her chin, nipping at her jaw -- all the while rolling onto his back in the grass.


Lev chases after him, rolling on top of him as she rubs her face all into his chest fluff. Tail swishes over the grass which agitates the fireflies into the air.

He yips and lightly thumps his paws on her shoulders, wiggling in the grass like he's got an itch to scratch. Maybe he does! Sorry fireflies!

She laughs. "What are you doing?!" she asks, completely amused as he wiggles around.

He shrugs before waggling his eyebrows at her, acting in total just TOO SILLY. "I dunno, what're you doing?"

Lev laughs again, batting at his muzzle playfully once. "I'm looking at a complete goober."

He sticks out his tongue as his eloquent response, tail wagging hard enough to flatten the grass in a wide arc. "What does that make you?"

Lev lifts her head as if she's thinking, tail wagging behind her as well. "I suppose that means... I'm a goober too!" She nips at him before she jumps off and  starts to run into the field, making the fireflies stir around in the air.

He laughs, rolling awkwardly back onto his feet before rising and taking off after her, dancing around the field on feet that felt light. He snaps at fireflies in the air (though thankfully they all get far away; no fireflies were harmed in the making of this post) as they whiz past.

Lev speeds up, though her body is low to the ground as she turns on a dime, tail swagging fiercely as she growls, waiting for Tauro to come toward her. Once he does, she'll spring and nip at him before running off again, running around with so much playful energy.

He rises to her invitation, meeting her nip with a butt of his muzzle against her. He growls as she gets away and races after her, barking wildly and probably waking up all the food coma Inarians. He doesn't care, his eyes alight like the fireflies as he dances around her, darting in to playfully grab at one of her legs.

[12/5/2016 12:29:30 PM] *** Gothy-kun this is le TIME SKIP ***

It's early morning, the sun just beginning to rise and Lev is already up and ready to head out of Inaria. She rounded up her siblings, helping Ki Tisa gather them up for the trek out of here before Lev excused herself to go find Tauro.