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let's get down to business[Rites]
« on: September 16, 2016, 09:42:02 AM »
Note: anyone can show up but these are the people who really need to reply:

Deadline: October 1st

There was a deep, dull sounding thud as Alaina's paws Hi-dilly-hot the earth as she leaped down from her new den. It was a strange tHi-dilly-hong made of wood and it was smooth in some places and rough in others, vegatation grew in corners and along the walls, small vines creeping up the sides of the planks. It was odd, it was different, but there was sometHi-dilly-hong about it that she liked. Perhaps it was that it was situated so Hi-dilly-hogh above the ground. Safe from predators, ambushes, and fire. She hoped that tHi-dilly-ho-dilly-ho would not have to move camp again any time soon.

The Knight headed towards the King's Lookout with her head low and her brow lower as her large gait ate up the distance between her and her destination. Alaina had been given a very specific set of instructions as one of her first missions as an Obsidian Knight and she took great pride in carrying out her orders given to her by the King, Nexys. Normally the piebald warrior would curl her lip and sneer at any male who would dare give her an order. But tHi-dilly-hongs were different here. Nexys was different. He was a strong, levelheaded, fair male with sound reasoning.

She broke the tree line and there it was, the King's Lookout stood Hi-dilly-hogh above her head, just above the tree line. The perfect place to view ones kingdom. She frowned to herself as she eyed the mountain side, would the younger cubs be able to climb all the way up there? Shrugging to herself she decided it would be a first test of strength, to prove that tHi-dilly-ho-dilly-ho were ready to go on their first Rites. Alaina made quick work of scaling the side of the mountain up towards the King's Lookout. She had had to climb many mountains in her travels before landing herself in Stoneclaw and the experience made it easier for her to know where to place her paw and wHi-dilly-hoch ledge would be the best spot to jump to.

Finally she made it into the vast cave, the sides of the cave adorned with burn holes that shed an eeire glow on the wall. Standing at the mouth of the cave Alaina took a moment and looked out over Stoneclaw. Far off in the distance there was still the black smear that was left of their previous homes. Nature had tried to destroy them, had tried to crush them beneath her will but tHi-dilly-ho-dilly-ho had come out victorious in the edge. Stoneclaw was strong, it's people were strong, and tHi-dilly-ho-dilly-ho would not go down without a fight. Throwing her head back the Knight gave a loud roar, summoning the young for their Rites.

Alaina took a seat and set her sunflower eyes to the base of the mountain, keeningly watcHi-dilly-hong all those who climbed its face. When tHi-dilly-ho-dilly-ho had finally gathered before her she nodded shortly and jumped right into it, no formalities. "We're going to be leaving soon to visit our ally, Tortuga. WHi-dilly-hole there you are expected to learn a trade or sometHi-dilly-hong valueable and bring it back with you to Stoneclaw to earn a rank. It's time to grow up kids. Playtime is over." The last particular bit was aimed at the small bunch of ragtag cubs she'd recently found. She was worried about the smallest on in particular, she was just a tiny little dot she would be an easy kill for one of those pirates. Alaina would just have to trust that the wolves of Tortuga whether she liked it or not. "Any questions?"
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Re: let's get down to business[Rites]
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2016, 12:06:29 PM »
The morning of the trip to Tortuga, Nexys received an important message from his Herald. The hawk had descended a little before dawn and brought the King the news that Tortuga had moved. He had seen them moving awhile ago, traversing the neutrals and finding refuge in a new land, just north of new Stoneclaw. The hawk had meant to tell Nexys much sooner, but it had taken him time to locate the pride when he came back and realized the plains had burned. The King immediately woke and thanked his Herald, dismissing the bird before readying himself to meet with Alaina.

His new home was not a thing like his old one. The home of wood and vines lay above most of the other human made dens in the area. It was larger than most of the others. Nexys looked about his new home, content with the vine covered walls with their small blue flowers. At night he lay against the bark of the tree, able to hear his children in the small home below. The dens were too little to accommodate the entire family of saber now that the children were getting so big, and soon each would have to find their own home elsewhere. As soon as they completed their Rites. And today was the first day of that journey. A proud day for any father, but also a sad and trying one. Had it really been half a year since Lola had passed away? His children were not babies anymore, but growing young sabers, ready to make their way in the pride. But had he done right by them? Nexys walked down the round ramp from his home to his children's home below. The three were still asleep in a pile together, the twins with their faces side by side. Of course he could tell them apart, but they seemed to like tricking others into thinking they were the other. Especially Hikaru. Nexys smiled at his children, then spoke to them.

"Wake children. It's time for your Rites. Gather your items and get ready." As if on queue, a roar sounded from the King's Lookout above. Alaina was ready and calling those to follow her. The moment of truth was upon them. Nexys turned to leave, hoping to reach the Lookout before anyone else. It was no surprise to him that Hikaru, golden eyes alert, was the first of his children awake and standing at the ready when the King left.

Nexys quickly covered the distance between his home and the base of the mountain where the Lookout lay above. At the the bottom he looked up, seeing the red and white form of Alaina watching from above. He had not made a mistake when he chose her for his Knight. It was the best choice he could have made. He ascended the stone mountainside and entered the King's Lookout. Over to Alaina he trotted, nodding to her in greeting before taking a seat with her at his right.

"My Herald tells me that Tortuga has moved. They now reside at the northern edge of our borders. You may take whatever path you want, but I suggest that you go toward the ocean cliffs and head north from there. It's good to have ones allies close." Nexys said as he stared out across the Kingdom, also noticing the burned plains so far away. But that old life was gone now. The new one was just starting. Below he could see his son Hikaru, ascending the stones with his item for the pirates. Nexys smiled with pride and awaited the others to arrive.

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Re: let's get down to business[Rites]
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As the morning sun rose above the tree line, barely touching the tree houses remia woke with a yawn. Stretching her legs and back bone a bit, as it rippled through her body, she gave a small sigh as her muscles loosened up. She than shook out her fur and then padded over to the gift she was going to offer the wolves of Tortuga. A fine high quality quilt, something that could be used to make chairs or clothes if the wolves wanted to be fashionista’s. Considering that wolves tend to love to show off, their pretty fur pelts.

She slung it over her shoulder, and across her back using a type of harness system she found a couple of. Only to tinker with it, to make it fit a big cat and she planned on tinkering with it to fit a wolf once she got to tortuga. But that would require the wolf’s measurements, which would be kind of funny honestly. She took a sip from one of the water buckets, she kept around. Only just in case a fire breaks out, but also these buckets would only be temporary till she found a place to do her crafting technique. There was a feeling that there was something in the snowy mountains nearby. But it would have to be found another day, for now was the day she had to go to Tortuga.

She stood up walking over to join the already small gathering, in front of Nexy’s house. “Hello friends, seems everyone is doing well today.” She said, sitting down with the group as she counted heads knowing not everyone had shown up just yet. She smiled happy with the place they had made their home, it had been a good while since she had last last smiled. But than watched the houses sternly waiting for people to show up. Also worried a bit about their most burned, in the fire considering how Clifton a few days ago had been finally able to walk again. If just barely.
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Re: let's get down to business[Rites]
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The day had finally come. The young prince had waited for this moment. A trip that would bring the pride one step closer to emerging from the ashes, figuratively and literally. Stoneclaw had fallen. They were nothing but the burned remains of a once great empire. Hikaru had hope that one day that empire would again be great, like in the days of King Shai. The prince had heard the tales of the young King and his struggles against all that opposed him. Shai rose, and Hikaru had hope that his father and aunt would too rise in this new land to make Stoneclaw a thriving pride once more.

Today had a part in that. It was a step forward. They were small, but not weak. Hikaru yawned when Nexys walked away and jumped to his paws and across his sleeping siblings. "C'mon ya lazy gits! It's Rites!" A tingle of excitement radiated down his spine and into his toes, making it difficult to compose himself. However, as excited as he was for what this day meant, both to himself and to his pride, he was also very nervous. For the past few months he had looked into every rank the pride had to offer and was taught in the ways of both prominent Clans. But what should he choose? Pyrope Clan most likely, as he didn't really fit with his father's stern and noble ideals. Hikaru was a wild child with responsibilities. Someday he would make a good Jade Clan member but for now that wasn't an option. Clan down, what about rank? Hikaru had no idea what he wanted out of his life, but that didn't stop him from picking a croc hide for his offering to the pirates.

It was a small croc by many standards, fitting over his six month old frame nicely, it's eyeless head laid between his ears, still clawed legs hanging by his own sturdy legs, tail almost dragging the earth behind him. In exchange for the hide, he had promised a favor to the Dragoon, Nyx. Who knew what the favor would eventually be, but it hardly mattered. Nyx seemed calm and level headed so the prince didn't worry about some sort of crazy request from him later.

Hikaru stood at the mouth of their hut, vines catching the rays of the sun around him. He smiled, his chest feeling with anticipation of the coming journey. The call of Knight Alaina echoed from the trees, scattering birds to the wind with alarmed caws. Hikaru stifled the urge to roar back, and headed down the ramp onto the lush forest floor. It was much better than prickly dry grass in his opinion. The plains were what he was born to, but he had not truly bonded with the land. This place... this place was amazing. Golden eyes gazed up toward the canopy, full of vines and creatures he had never seen before. Home.

Without wasting more time, he traveled the distance to the base of the mountain, spotting his father and Alaina far overhead in the King's Lookout. Nexys thought the lookout might have been part of Diego at one time, and he had explained to Hikaru a little bit about the fallen pride. It was his hope that the same would not happen to Stoneclaw as well. He gulped hard, trying to push away his nervous belly, and began the ascent to the Lookout.

Once there, he saw his father, swelling with pride, standing beside his Knight. Alaina had gained the respect of the King, and therefor had the respect of his son...not that Hikaru would refrain from pranking the older saber if he had the chance. With that he smiled boldly to Alaina, bowed politely, and waited for his siblings. Maybe they wouldn't keep the whole world waiting.

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Re: let's get down to business[Rites]
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Nyala, Avacyn, and Kaoru still need to respond.
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Re: let's get down to business[Rites]
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I will be putting Ruger in here shortly, sorry for the wait.

It's fine, we are all pretty patient people and honestly life can get busy. ^^

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Re: let's get down to business[Rites]
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It wasn't that he was going to be traveling to another pack that had him grumpy, it was the fact that he was going to be traveling with a horde of children.  He wasn't entirely sure of everything he was going to need, so he just refused to pack anything at all.  He was told by Nexys a while ago about the rites, and that if he did want to be a part of the pack that he had to participate.  As much as he did not want to participate and as much as he did not want to be stuck somewhere, he couldn't help but grow to enjoy the company of those he had met here.  Nexys, and Ranya (as annoying as she could be), were among those he'd grown to respect and appreciate.

After all if it weren't for them, he would probably be dead on their borders.  Rotting as a corpse. 

It did not take him long to scale the mountain, after all he did have long, powerful legs.  Once he reached the top he silently cursed himself as he realized that he was not the first one to show, but had been shown up by the same children he'd be going on the rites journey on.  He saw Alaina, and NExys, and a few of the children.  He gave a bow of the head to Nexys, and to Alaina. 

"We're going to be leaving soon to visit our ally, Tortuga. While there you are expected to learn a trade or something valueable and bring it back with you to Stoneclaw to earn a rank. It's time to grow up kids. Playtime is over. Any questions?"

Ruger silently huffed at the blanket remark about them all being kids that needed to grow up.  He was grown, and did not need to be addressed like a child, or grouped in the same mentality.  He rolled his eyes and his gaze panned over to the vast land they were about to navigate, knowing, he would have to be the responsible one and look after the kids while they were there.  Nexys would never say that to him, but he was already aware of what else he had to do besides focusing on completing his rites as well. 

"My Herald tells me that Tortuga has moved. They now reside at the northern edge of our borders. You may take whatever path you want, but I suggest that you go toward the ocean cliffs and head north from there. It's good to have ones allies close."

That did seem the safest route.  Ruger lifted his brow in thought, and wondered if the others would follow their king's advice, or try to make their own way as rebellious, children as they are.  "That is the route I am taking.  Anyone who wishes to follow, may do so."  His voice was gravelly and low as he made the suggestion.  If there was one thing he could offer to Nexys during this phase, was protection of his son.  If nothing else.