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architecture 101 | athens
« on: June 26, 2016, 12:24:20 PM »

So they wanted a safer bonfire pit? They'd get a safer bonfire pit! Without giving him any specifications whatsoever! "Just fix it" they said! As if half the forest burning down was his fault! Richter was a source of incessant grumbling as he trekked down to the lake to begin fishing about for rocks. He'd already worked out a way to carry them to the bonfire: he'd made heavy modifications to a travois prototype stolen from some forgotten human settlement somewhere, and fixed stone points to the ends of the poles to weather the dragging better. It'd carry a handful of skull-sized rocks just fine, he figured, once he got used to the leather loop around his torso. It kinda chafed.

But the whole device was laid out on the beach while he got chest-deep in the lake to look for rocks. Each time he located one of suitable size, he had to carefully pick it up in both paws underwater and slowly guide it towards shore before finally rolling it over the dirt and soil to the pile that was slowly forming next to the travois.

It was a little bit of a tedious process.

Counting the rocks that he had gathered, he gave a self-satisfied huff and decided that this was about as much as the travois was prepared to carry, and set about diligently loading the small basket stretched between the poles. When the sounds of approaching pawsteps interrupted his focus, he didn't even look up to see who it was. "Hey, grab that one for me, will you?" he said, gesturing to one of the larger rocks he had gathered. "I can't quite get my jaws around it."
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Re: architecture 101 | athens
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2017, 10:22:34 AM »
So... maybe nothing had become of her little time with the Gunners, watching them laugh and stumble over themselves with a drunkards amusement. For a while she figured that the meeting would be one of many, and took to training and conditioning herself alone between then and another meeting that she was determined would come, but it hadn't. Not yet. No summons rang out through the forest, no call to fight, no utter of her name anywhere.

Perhaps it would've been better to remain a ghost.

But really, who could she blame beside herself? Once a determined machine, who crossed the length of the straits all on her own to see the scorched land of Tortuga with her own two eyes- to experience the beauty and devastation that was fire, and to clutch it within her jaws and swallow it whole until she was the flame she so desperately longed to become. Athens was going to be something great- something she could look back on and shove in her mother's face. But oh, how the tables loved turning on those with passionate hearts. The girl had fallen ill at nobody's expense of her own, and she had wasted away to almost nothing for weeks and weeks. But she had come back, and now she was stronger than ever. Had she expected open arms and a round of applause? No. (Well, maybe she had hoped for it.) She wasn't that greedy.

But who could welcome home someone who had hardly existed in the first place? Athens felt heavy in her steps, the weight of self-deprecation sinking and pressing down on her otherwise young, strong body, and the fresh meal she'd just finished sat like a rock in her gut. But still, she continued, and she would until she finally ran into someone. She'd been alone for too long, and she figured that any action was better than inaction at this point.

Beneath her paws, she felt the ground begin to give way to the loam that surrounded Tortuga's largest lake, and rested her flame-colored eyes on the vast stretch of water before her. In the distance, she could see the toppling mast of the Captain's ship raise high above the treeline, but an odd sight brought her back down to eyelevel. Along the sandy lakeshore, an equally sandy-pelted canine worked tirelessly to pull rocks from their watery home and roll them into a pile alongside some sort of wood contraption she'd never seen before. Athens journeyed further out of the treeline to investigate, but hadn't made it more than a few meters before the wolfdog called out blindly.

"Hey, grab that one for me, will you? I can't quite get my jaws around it."

The request caught her by surprise, in all honesty, but she wasted no time in fulfilling her new duty. "You got it, boss," she grunted, trotting over to the water's edge to retrieve the nicely-sized rock. With ease, shiny white teeth closed around it and pulled it from the bed it'd likely been laying in for years, and swung her head around to drop it on the pile he'd been making. Hopefully that's where he wanted it.

"So... what's all this about?"
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