Author Topic: Silence In The Snow. Open for business and help wanted!  (Read 427 times)

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Silence In The Snow. Open for business and help wanted!
« on: April 27, 2016, 10:12:45 PM »
Heya guys. My new site is finally completed and open for RP but I need some staff to help out as well. Check it out and PM me if you'd like to help us out with the site. We'd really appreciate it.

The skies of nome were covered in ash and fire that day as I ran through the town. Wolves and huskies alike were fighting amongst each other with a passion that burned brighter than the flames. One decision had brought us here. You'd think after everything, Balto unifying the wolves, saving children, and making the town relevant that it wouldn't come to this. We were so wrong. So very wrong.

I alone had a single decision to make. It would unify us or tear us down. What choice? Well that's up to you isn't it?

They say Life is is not a rehearsal and we only have this the one chance to get it all right so at the end of the day living really is only way to know. So do we play the optimist or do we play the jester and let it all collapse. Time is the only answer. What tomorrow knows still remains to be seen. But if we hang onto all these yesterdays how will we ever find out.

So many questions and so little time to react before hell is unleashed. Our judgements and actions will be the only way to find out. Will you stand tall against the currents and flames or will you collapse into the shadows of corruption and let it all come crashing down. This is a matter of life or death. eternal peace or permanent psychotic hell.

Valiant hero or blackened cruel villainy. It's your decision which path you will walk. Your actions shall determine your fate.

And now is the moment when everything can change. You are completely responsible for your own life
And no one is coming to save you from yourself. So stop blaming your problems on any and everything else. It does not matter one tiny effing bit how unfair you think the world is. It's only what you do, right here, right now, right this instant that matters.....

It's your choice now. Sink or swim.

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Life is is not a rehearsal, only have this the one chance to get it right. Living really is only way to know

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