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orre | pokemon rpg
« on: January 27, 2016, 07:40:32 PM »


All of Orre breathed a sigh of relief when Cipher fell and the cruelty foisted upon Shadow Pokemon was no more. But clouds are gathering and the complacency after the storm has left Orre vulnerable to new powers, all vying to fill the vacuum since Cipher's collapse. Determined to create a super-Pokemon, the Scientist has called upon old Cipher operatives to protect him as he races towards his goal, ignoring the Shadow Pokemon that are created in his experiments. Already derelict Colosseums are being opened to the public; the warnings of repeating the past are long forgotten and nobody seems to care. And not to be outdone, Team Snagem is up to their old tricks as they use stolen Cipher Snag Machines to steal Shadow Pokemon (and Pokemon in general) in a desperate, perhaps ill-thought bid for power.

All that's left to stand in their way is the infamous ONBS and their child-agency the NS. They are legends in Orre--soldiers trained to fight the Great and Terrible Evil (or so the stories go). But what they truly are is a bulwark against Cipher and Team Snagem and the only ones who know (and believe) that Shadow Pokemon are back.

Orre stands a precipice. Who will you choose to bring it into a new age?

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