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Ranks, Roles, and Models
« on: March 18, 2015, 12:50:07 PM »

Within this thread is the explanation and elaboration of the various ranks within Nardir, by the heads of said ranks.
Each information post is created by the head of that rank.

LUNAR KING Julek - played by Uri & LUNAR QUEEN Alana - played by Silokk
VICEROY Puffin - played by Puffin

ADVISORS serve as betas - Byakko, played by Seki
HYDRA guards the royal family - Sansa, played by Silokk
PARSEC controls the Parallax - Terebellum, played by Libra
CENTAURUS trains the Mantle - Anika, played by Sunblink
MAELSTROM runs the Jovian Winds - Akutan, played by Seki
QUASAR teaches the Halos - Kestrel, played by Beanie
WEAVER guides the Artisans - n/a
GROUNDSKEEPER protects the land - Buckshot, played by Pawprint
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please direct all questions involving nardir to either silokk/alana, uri/julek, or puffin. thank you.

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Otherwise known as healers, these wolves are knowledgeable in useful - and dangerous - plant life. They are the doctors of Nardir, and help keep our family healthy. They have a captain who controls their rank and above that captain, they report directly to the Lunar King and Queen. Depending on the task at hand, they might work with the Oracles on smaller things, but overall they work on their own. They can also be assigned as caretakers for particularly feeble Pulsars.
- "Ranks."

What are Halos?

Halos are what keeps Nardir's heartbeat ticking. They are the wolves who are trained in full knowledge of their career. Perhaps the most important job in the pack is keeping everyone healthy and alive. If the armies fall ill and die off, where does that leave the pack? Defenseless and weak.

When potential Halos join the ranks, they must say the Halo Oath, a timeless speech that ensures that they understand their duties as the needles and stitches that hold Nardir together, literally and figuratively.
The Halo Oath:
 "I swear to uphold this oath:
-  I will respect my elders and those that are held in high esteem.
-  I will stay true to my teaching and will gladly impart my knowledge to those who will follow my path.
-  I will remember that my patients are not diseases and should be treated in kind as my kin.
-  I will pad the paths of life and death carefully and always try to save the life.
-  I will not be ashamed to admit 'I do not know' and I will call upon another should the need arise.
-  I will remember I am still a part of society with obligations to those who are and are not infirm. If I follow this oath may I enjoy life and be respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter.
-  May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help."

Inspired by the modern Hippocratic Oath, some exact lines included.

-  To maintain the health and well-being of their kin, pack mates, and anyone who requests their assistance.

by Charley, 2010
- "Fauna and Flora of Nardir."

Who are the current Halos?
HALOS: Sarajevo, Alue, Rio
TRAINEES: Kestrel, McCoy, Maebh, Puffin

QUASAR: The Quasar is the captain of the Halo. They are in charge of training potential Halos and making sure their current staff are well equipped and are doing their job. They have the right to promote and demote into the Halo rank.

HALOS: The Halos are the main medics, those who have gone through the training and passed all necessary tests in order to ensure they are safe and knowledgeable enough to be given the responsibility over the health of their packmates.

TRAINEES: Trainees are, quite clearly, those in training to be Halos. They are, unless there are extrenuating circumstances or highly minor injuries, required to have another Halo or the Quasar by their side when assisting injured wolves or mixing together concoctions.

What do they know?

Halos know a lot of vocabulary and information about keeping their packmates healthy and alive, as well as important knowledge about poisons and what medicines can be used to the benefit of the user. They have to seek to learn every type of plant in the territory and figure out the uses. If a Halo must experiment with new herbs or concoctions, they are requested to use creatures that have given consent to be experimented on.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
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Re: Ranks, Roles, and Models
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Jovian Winds

The Jovian Winds are Nardir's first line of defense. They patrol the entire border, keeping a watchful eye on the outside. Their job is accept new members and stop potential threats from breaching into the packlands.

The Jovians are led by Akutan, known as the Maelstrom. He oversees the group and does many of the same tasks as the Jovians themselves.

Jovian Winds start off as trainees. Akutan pairs them off with a fully ranked Jovian so they can learn the ropes of the job. If there aren't enough mentors in the event trainees outnumber fully ranked Jovians, Akutan will either ask the fully ranked ones to mentor two trainees or take on a trainee himself. With their mentor, a trainee learns what questions to ask potential recruits to the pack and how to weed out those they feel would bring more harm than good to the pack. They also learn some fighting techniques in the event a threat comes a-calling so they must know how to fight off attackers and keep them from breaching the border.

When a trainee has completed their training, Akutan will usually test them on their knowledge and see if they're ready for full responsibility. He prefers to assess trainees when someone is hoping to enter the pack itself but in the event that no one is at the border seeking acceptance, he'll have the mentor play the role of a recruit so the trainee can show his/her skill in a similar setting.

Expectations (Characters):
Akutan expects both Jovians and trainees to run or walk a complete circuit of the borders at least once a day, twice if possible. Doing so allows for the border to always be covered in case someone comes seeking to join the pack and for threats to be neutralized as quickly as possible.

Trainees must accompany their mentors when running a circuit in case they run into a potential recruit or a threat. There are no exceptions. If trainees are caught at the borders without their mentors, Akutan will take disciplinary action. If it was an honest mistake, trainees will be let off with a warning the first time. Any time after that and Akutan will take it as the offender pushing his boundaries and harsher action will be taken, up to and including kicking the trainee out of the rank for insubordination. The Maelstrom has little patience for repeat offenders and would rather cull them from the rank than to continually monitoring them for bad behavior.

Full ranked Jovians are held to the same guidelines but walk a finer line because they should know how to conduct themselves properly. They represent Nardir as a whole to outsiders and bad choices could potentially reflect badly on Akutan as a leader, sending the message that he shouldn't be in charge if he can't control the wolves under him. He's not an overly strict leader but expects his Jovians to set a good example for the trainees and wolves looking to join the rank.

Newly ranked Jovians are free to stick with their mentors for confidence building and any further questions they might have. Once they feel they have a handle on everything, they can go solo if they wish. Anytime something comes up that they're unsure about, they can call an experience Jovian or Akutan himself to lend a paw.

If the Jovians are ever overpowered by a threat, they're expected to hold the line and call for the Mantle, Nardir's dedicated warriors, to the border to help. If the threat breaks through before they're able to call for help, they must let the pack know what's coming so a defense can be mounted.

Expectations (Players):
Players of Jovian Winds and trainees should watch the board for acceptance threads and join any that you see that hasn't had a Jovian visit yet. I've been handling the lion's share with Akutan and Ticonderoga during times when a lot of people are looking to join the pack so it would be great if other Jovians could pick up some slack. Players should keep me posted if real life is going to interfere with activity or if something comes up out of blue. You can either PM me or post in the pack's OOC thread. Either way, I will see it because I'm on here everyday. I'm going to try to do a rank meeting at least once a month so I can assess activity. They probably won't be huge threads, just long enough for Akutan to see everyone is accounted for, check on training progress, and possibly elevate trainees to full Jovian status/assign mentors if applicable.

How to Join:
Are you an Astronomer looking to join the Jovian Winds? Not sure how to get started? Well, wonder no longer. It's easy as pie. Just ask me, Sekirei, either ICly or OOCly if you would like to join. If you're still unsure, Nardir has ranking threads every now and again where your characters can join a rank of your choosing. You can join anytime you want. Once you join the Jovians as a trainee, I will pair you with a mentor. From there, you just work through the training period and if I think you're ready, you'll be elevated to full Jovian.
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