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« on: August 31, 2014, 12:33:28 PM »
Let me know if I'm doing this incorrectly.

A new king and queen have risen to the throne. This is a time of celebration, a time of joy in the kingdom. Things are going well for once. Trade is doing well, and the country is prosperous. Of course, that is the time when those to the south hear of their power. The barbarians now seek to take the power and prosperity for themselves. Desparia takes place in a semi-medieval setting, with anthro characters. There are still normal animals as well. Humans do not exist, as anthro creatures have taken the place of them.

What do I do with all this love?
Do I wear it on my ankle?
Do I walk into sea?
                   Listen closely to your love
                   Try very hard to see.
What do I do with all this love?
Can I just put it away?
                   You can try to set it apart from you
                  But it will always stay.
My love is like an open wound
My love is full of tears and pain
What do I do with all this love?
                   Will you let it keep you sane?
My love is shaped all strangely,
it's the same shape as me.
                  There's no ugly love, I think
                   But I don't know everything.
My love's as heavy as the world
                   I know, it's very great and small
What do I do with all this love?
                   Open your hands and let it fall. .

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