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Tortuga / Re: curiosity [Lucius]
« Last post by Addereon on Today at 06:29:17 PM »

Adder couldn't keep the smirk off his face at the reception he received. It seemed that many of the canines in the straights hadn't ever seen lions before; or at least, hadn't seen any as large as him. It was a strange, flattering feeling after being in a pride of so many for so long. Tortugans had received him well, clearly already familiar with big cats. This man, however, seemed to have missed the memo.


He stammered out,

"I... it's Lucius."

"If you leave your jaw open like that, the flies will get in." He hummed, sitting down. He didn't look any less imposing from a sitting position, but at least he wasn't looming over the man quite as badly anymore. "I'm Addereon, but you can call me whatever you want." An introduction for an introduction--it was only fair. "How did you get here, Lucius?" He asked, trying to keep his curiosity from getting the better of him. He had a thousand questions begging to be asked, his tongue itching with the effort it took to keep them contained.

The Striker was clearly bored with their conversation, wandering a bit away and laying down, still turned towards them but no longer actively listening. Hm, interesting. Adder looked over the male once more, not at all trying to be subtle in his once-over. A pretty pelt, yes, though it seemed to lack some grooming. He couldn't fault him for that, though; he'd heard of the conditions the slaves were kept in. Low tide caves, little space, no fresh water. It was a wonder he hadn't withered away to nothingness at this point, though he was looking a little... lithe.

"Have they fed you yet today?"

If not, that was something the lion could remedy easily. Tortuga was a land of opportunity, full of food and promise. One only needed to know where to look, and Adder had spent the last few weeks--months? how long had he been here now?--surveying the land and getting a feel for it.

Anzu is excited for the journey, the field trip she has been told she is going to be on. And she arrives, dressed for the occasion in the red cape that Lynx had scolded her for crossing the border to get months ago.

She chases after the ground, pushing past the grumpy, large boy who was in front of her. “Hey” she whispers, “I’m Anzu.” She dosen’t remember them having met. She pouts a bit at his frown, smiling widely at him, gently pushing herself against him, a friendly shove.

“Cheer up” she whispers, she was supposed to be quiet, right?
Isle of Glass / Re: It's Hard To Speak My Heart (Adriel)
« Last post by Darken. on Today at 05:34:11 PM »
Adriel was a beautiful child, and when she thinks about him, she feels ashamed that he wasn’t tugging at the valleys heart strings. Instead he ran. Her wife had insisted that they were confused little boys. To her, truly though, they were heathens.

Darken watches him, cautiously. He could, she knows, attack her at any second. He could drag her down and kill her in the fast pace of the war. And likely, no one would know that it had happened. He was a good boy though, somewhere.

"With who? The pirates? Who do you take me for?"

“You always were an adventurer Adriel.” She speaks, talking, slowly to him, she was avoiding calling him a heathen. Maybe, maybe Nevada was right. “Are you here then to return” When he says that he misses her, her chest tightens, she thinks that perhaps he was here.

If he fought in the war, maybe the Rosas would forgive him for his foolishness.

"Oh, you know I'm effing with you. Who could miss someone who was barely around."

She swallows hard, rage boiling inside her. This was the second time one of her children had told her this, that she hadn’t been a good enough parent.  And she hadn’t. But didn’t they understand that she was only doing what the Rosa’s wanted from her.

Why wasn’t anyone else In her life true to the valley and its teaching.  He asks if Kristoff had or hadn’t left. She doesn’t reply, she doesn’t want to think of that retched jin. Her terrible spawn.

All of them.

"No, I'm not here to attack anyone, mother. Just wanted to say my last goodbyes before you all go back to the hole in the ground you came from. You don't get to look at me like that, all disappointed. Is it shocking, that your children hate you? You were never there. I was never your son, not for a second. You even abandoned Thetis, didn't you?"

“I was never around the way I should have been.” She says, simply. “Are you going to chase after Nevada next, to scold her for this.” And then a pause. Thetis terrified her. She was saddened by her child’s rank, but. The seour was an important rank to the valley.  “I am proud of Thetis” it didn’t matter if it was true or not.

He notices the pregnancy; they had marched after she conceived. The Rengyo sighs, eyes closing for a moment as her berates her.

"I have little siblings on the way. More children for you to disappoint? Haven't even finished watching your first litter fall."

“The valley needs strong, healthy children.” She says simply, “good children, ones who wont run away and become heathens.”

There was the word.
Death Valley / Re: Regret (Kristoff)
« Last post by Darken. on Today at 05:20:39 PM »
He didn’t want her presence; he didn’t want her love. She understood, she comprehended. If she was in his shoes, she tries to rationalize, she wouldn’t want herself their either. She admitted that she had neglected them, she felt deeply sorry for it every day of her life.

She had only been doing what god wanted her too though. Her gods demanded her work, to bring people out of sickness. If he couldn’t understand, well. That was on him.

She wanted him to be happy. She wanted them to be able to talk.

He wasn’t her child though. Later in life Nevada would argue that if they were from her womb, she might love them more. And maybe it was true. Maybe it wasn’t.

He screams and rants and approaches her, and she is cold, she does not move, she does not flinch, she is not afraid of him. He approaches, and she leans out, quickly, mouth open in an attempt to bite at his mouth and shut him up.

She was not going to sit though him insulting her, him yelling at her. Those were private thoughts, if she bites him, it wouldn’t be for long.

He was her son and she was his mother. He was a jin and she was an elite. She would punish him for this.
The Moonroom / Rule Addition/Clearing the Water
« Last post by silokk on Today at 04:42:24 PM »
Hey there guys! The alpha team wanted to touch base with you guys about a few things, one being the new rule addition that's been added in the Guidebook. Nardir has always been a very welcoming community, but there have been concerns recently brought to us that have put that welcoming air in a questionable light. We the alpha team want to apologize to anyone who has been negatively affected by anything that's been posted within Nardir, ICly or OOCly. To hopefully prevent that from happening again, we've added this rule:

Post Content - Nardir is a very accepting, very welcoming and open-minded pack as a whole, both OOCly and ICly. As such, we will not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, or any exclusion of someone based on factors like sex, gender, preference, etc. Posts containing references to rape, sex, abuse, gore, or anything in that area should either be spoilered or have a TW in the title/above the main body of the thread content. In the past we have had threads pop up from time to time bordering on the gross side of things, and that is not acceptable. Posts with content of that ilk (misgendering a character without consent from the player, overly sexual threads or mentions of explicitly sexual things in threads, etc.) will be dealt with. Nardir is a PG-13 area. If you're iffy on whether or not something is over the line, or have concerns about something that is, don't hesitate to PM an alpha for our feedback. We'd love to help!

We've added this rule in hopes of making Nardir a safer, more wholesome environment for people to roleplay in. It was never our intention to have anything posted in Nardir be hurtful to anyone; a more vigilant eye will be kept on the content of threads posted here, as it should have already been - and again, the alpha team apologizes for that. We'd also like to remind everyone that you are under no obligation to RP with anyone that you don't wish to, and that you should never feel pressured to do so. If there's a member of Nardir you'd rather not RP with, let the alpha team know, and we'll see what we can work out.

The alpha team felt that the rule addition was necessary and warranted. Recently, it was discovered that a thread in Nardir's OOC board contained very problematic material that upset quite a few people. The thread in question has been moved from the OOC board, as the content within does not and never did represent Nardir, and goes against our values. We urge you to please come to us with concerns and problems you may have with anything involving Nardir - if there is a problem, the alpha team would love to be involved so that we can help smooth things out and potentially find a solution. The last thing we want is for someone to be uncomfortable or upset.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to post below or PM any member of the alpha team. Thank you!
The Moonroom / Re: moon chatter [ooc chat]
« Last post by Sekirei on Today at 01:14:35 PM »
Any reason, out of curiosity, that the thread post of the X Clan's belief system was moved to The Library? Was that where it should've been to start with?

Only asking because it has the potential to expand, especially the second-to-last post which I'm going to use as a character tracker so I know who's dead and how they left the world.
Gemini / Re: black plume [acceptance/trespass]
« Last post by .eclipse. on Today at 12:42:43 PM »
ooc| Gonna leave this open until this evening or tomorrow, just in case someone else wants to pop in or someone who would be much angrier about his total trespassing wants to come grumble at him.
Gemini / Re: black plume [acceptance/trespass]
« Last post by Azurella on Today at 12:11:07 PM »

Restless, excited, eager to start her first day on the job, Azurella was finding that sleep would not come to her tonight. She was forcing herself to wait until morning; the blue woman was still far too new to navigate the lands in the dark. Time ticked by so very slowly as her excitement bubbled up with every moment. Her tail swished idly, her paws tapped a distracted and tuneless beat against the ground and her ears swiveled toward imagined sounds.

When she noticed the stars beginning to disappear, she stood and started to pace. The sun would rise soon, and her day would begin. Her father had trained her to be more patient than this, she could sit completely still for hours, but her muscles ached and her head felt as though it were in the clouds.

Finally, the sky began to grow light. The sun did not appear quite yet, but the land was illuminated enough to see. She rose to her feet and darted out into the early morning, giving a crow of delight. Her first day as a Ranger! Every moment of her life had been leading up to this day and it was finally here. She gazed around. Which direction to start? After a moment of weighing her options, she chose the mountains over the ocean. Her delicate paws were used to picking their way through rocky rubble; she was at home on the edge of a cliff. With a shake to clear her head, she turned toward the mountains to start her rounds.

The sun had peeked above the horizon when she spotted him, perched on a rock like a bird. Dark body topped with white head, a long whip-like tail. Simply sitting, as though waiting for someone or something. She lifted her nose and took a sniff. He was not of these lands certainly. She grinned to herself, gave a small squeak of excitement (Oh I hope he didn't hear that!) before gathering her composure to approach him.

"Hello, sir, I must inform you that you have wandered into our packlands. I am Azurella, Ranger to this land. Please state your business her."

Gemini / Re: i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
« Last post by .Excalibur. on Today at 11:21:43 AM »
OOC: Is there a post order? Am I screwing it up? I can come back with this later if I am!

She gleaned the name Gemini from listening to the black and blue wolf's words to the others but she learnt little about who they were, what they did and what they believed. Then again did she really care? Unless they ate children for breakfast she wasn't likely to be too fussed, and even if they did, children were probably tasty. Albion had been all about justice and honour, strenght of the individual for the collective good blah blah blah - That system had turned out to be somewhat flimsy, if Arthur had been more ruthless and brutal and put his own goals above those of others he might well still be alive and she not resigned to this life amoung the peasantry. 

"A place of safety, happiness and shelter to those in need. Do you need safety, happiness or shelter? Then you've come to the right place!"

She didn't really need any of those things but the sales pitch was nice and all. That wasn't what caught her attention and made her think it was the place for her though, it was the ranks that were being handed out to the others like they were candy. Turn up and just get a rank? It was that easy? Sure they were doubltess the grunt jobs, bottom of heap worker bee type stuff, but it was still a stride above someone. She would season the baby salad herself if meant someone would look up to her.

"I'll take a rank," she said quickly, almost too quickly in her eagerness not to miss whatever gravy train this was that had pulled up into the station. She smiled, though it was a bit of a gritted smile, in an attmept to look friendly and employable - Hopefully they wouldn't give her a public relations role. "I'm quick, clever, used to the mountains," Humble was conspiciously absent from the list, but hey this was her sales pitch too. "I can fight, navigate and what I can't do now I can learn." She was going to learn exactly what and who she had to step over to get back to the top. She was going to get it all back, the rank, the respect, everything. Ambition was her middle name.

Legs that once rippled with lean, taut muscle had deteriorated in the blue male's age. He could feel the difference, carrying himself for long distances. He no longer had the same endurance and strength he'd had in his prime. The female who strolled beside him, however, had not even reached her prime yet. He knew it was strange for him to carry on with such a youngling, but she was unlike anyone he'd met. Did he love her? Who knows. He had no clue what love was like; the only one he'd ever loved had been Hunter, the little pup he'd adopted. Hunter was long gone, now though. The pup wanted to leave the place they lived together, and Moss had been too much of a coward to follow.

He did, however, know that Violet was important to him. He'd seen the way her pack had treated her; no one deserved that. The behavior had flashed him back to his own puppyhood, the way his family had treated him. It made him sick with desperation to save her from the abuse. She'd become immediately attached to him, loved him with her whole heart. She was attuned to him in a way he'd never imagined possible.

Her muzzle brushed against him and he twisted his head to look at her through his good eye. There, in her gloriously blue eyes, he could see how much she needed him. His expression softened for her. Ah, she'd definitely wormed her way into his heart. His mouth loosened to a soft smile just for her. "Darling, perhaps it's time to start looking for somewhere to rest for the evening?" As her soft voice made the suggestion, he began to feel his old bones growing weary.

"Yes my sweet, I think that sounds like a fine idea. There is bound to be a cozy spot nearby. Let's check among the roots, these huge trees often cover wonderful dens built by their roots." Tired paws carried him to the nearest tree, where he began to sniff and poke between roots he deemed safe enough. "Be careful, though, some of the smaller openings are homes to snakes and rodents who might not be happy about your lovely paws poking about their homes."

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