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Death Valley / Re: Oleander Yolling [Ninkilim]
« Last post by Dusty Forgotten on Today at 04:11:46 PM »
They fight back. Good. If Ashtaroth had been met with anything cowardly, she would have gutted the child there. They are children, after all; she knows as much. So bright of mind, but teeth still too blunt to break skin. It's just a game-- but if Ninkilim is as intelligent as their sister thinks, they will see the intention. The siblings are playing for keeps: the right to each others' respect. There will be no failures in this litter; Ninny will understand.

Ninkilim snaps, and Ashtaroth returns in kind, left paw swiping for their face as she unlocks from the forepaw tussle. Keep all four on the ground, coil all the power you can. Brown eyes bore into Nin's mismatched irises, in the hopes they understand. We can help each other, you know.

The slightest narrowing. Show me.

She swipes a paw at Ninkilim's precious face, a distraction for the snap of jaws at her leg. She's still too young for the hold to be dangerous, but tight, certainly. She doesn't intend to release for anything less than threat of concussion. If they swing to take hold of Ashtar in turn, she sidesteps, spinning them 'round like a two-person tail chase.

Anytime-Anywhere isn't meant to draw blood, but what puppy teeth lack in depth, they are extraordinarily sharp. Ash doesn't want to hurt her sister. Whether Ninkilim feels the same, is another story.

It's a demonstration more than anything; it looks like a fight. What's the point of attacking if you're not aimed to kill? No, they are here not for a touch of excitement, or impressing the elders. This is between the sisters. This is an example.

There will be no failures in this litter.
Gemini / Re: Goodnight Moon [acceptance]
« Last post by Iaera [rp] on Today at 04:03:54 PM »
[i a e r a]
ooc; here is an "adult" for you.



   Even as she grew more comfortable in Gemini, rest still evaded her, and it ate her alive. The small woman had expected that when she began to be happier in her new home, her anxiety would let her sleep and was now in dismay that she had been incorrect. Maybe it would just take longer, she told herself as she paced through the darkness of Gemini's territory. A yawn would stretch across her face but time and time again when she settled to rest she could not pass into slumber. Iaera sighed instead and decided to head out and check their borders, night patrols were typically quite uneventful as far as acceptances and dangers were concerned. It helped reassure her that things were okay and that she had some semblance of control over the things that entered into her sanctuary. Perhaps fake, but it comforted her, and it had, for the time being, overridden her fear of those scary borders. This patrol was really nothing out of the ordinary and she was about to wrap up when a very fresh scent hit her nose. At first she thought someone was coming up to the borders, but realized that it was actually someone having crossed over them. The Ranger stopped softly and hunkered down to look around, taking in the smell to see if she could scent another Ranger or Gemini member but none of them smelt as recent as this.

The tan and gray had no idea it was a child, and let out an irritated grumble. Iaera did not like trespassers, ignoring how dangerous they could be, the fact that they blatantly disregard border markings sets her off. After determining that this was most likely someone who had entered Gemini without permission, she set off to follow the scent trail best she could with her gut now churning; heavy like a cement truck. The little Latin speaking woman always hoped for a non-violent encounter, but that was not always the case. At least the deeper in Gemini someone was, the quicker aid could come to her if it was called. Iaera trusted the same was true at this late--early?-- hour. However after seeing the now suddenly awake puppy pile, she felt that it would be unlikely she'd have to call for the assistance of a battle scarred warrior. The Ranger approached cautiously, taking in one last scent of the air to verify that it was one of the pair here now that she had followed into Gemini. In the back of her head a voice wanted to tell the child it was dangerous to cross borders, but she wouldn't be mean...

The mostly blue child asked the rainbow child if he lived there and Iaera grinned, she didn't know Corona, but he had a strong pack scent when she edged up on the pair. Trying to take her steps lightly to seem less intimidating-- as if her short stature didn't already do that!--. "He does, and so do I liberi, child," she would correct like she hadn't said it on purpose. Some words she didn't want to give up, especially not one that had been spoken so sweetly by her mother growing up. "But you do not? Where are you from Miss Pea?" It was an oddly parental tone, letting Corona fall to the wayside for now. She didn't recognize him and noticed his speech seemed a little... off? Though she had full intention of escorting them back to either her den or a Shepherd den if there was one.

"Oh where are my manners?!" the maiden pipped in a playful voice before smiling at Penelope, "I am Iaera."   

Death Valley / Re: Oleander Yolling [Ninkilim]
« Last post by Ninkilim. on Today at 02:32:42 PM »
Picking up bones was time consuming. But in the end, it was worth the trouble. With their recent appropriations, Ninkilim could craft even more decorations. It’d enlightened their places — a small patch of roses, a small altar alongside a tree. It’d be magnificent! Completely in their bubble, their paws tying together the bony structures, they hummed a wordless melody. Did they pretend? No, not at that age, and not at that sort of thing. Perhaps, in time, they would. For now, Nin’s heart was very genuine in their curiosity about the Red ways, as genuine as their collector fever.

Chinensis was a God all in nuances. Hiding under the pretense of logic, her sharped minded adepts used their skills to twist perceptions, intellect and persuasion always working hand in hand to suggest words into the mind. Paradoxically, perhaps the Red Rosa was more mysterious than her White counterpart. Having such an intense power of imagination, such an intense cortical complexity… Nin’ could see why a fellow believer could find such a path alluring. They could see its value. They wanted in as well, and would knock on her door or tweak the keyhole. For now though, none of this was in motion. But Ninkilim didn’t mind peeping.

Ashtaroth was one of the finer ways to do so. Her longing for the Red to take over White so tragically entertaining, so tragically obvious for the ones who knew how to look. Did it matter, in the end? Well, only the Rosas would know. They were satisfied to witness such a turmoil, regardless. Faith never did come easy, never was without doubt. And, speaking of the devil…


 The intonation in her voice was gloomy... They lick their maw, leaving their bones alone, and return the solemn greeting.
"Ash’." Their eyes sharp, the sudden movement doesn’t escape their notice. When Ash’ lunges forward, Nin’ goes to her, meeting her up in her jump, ready to snap her teeth against her big sister’s muzzle right in mid-air. The mood had shifted drastically. The intent behind Ninkilim’s bite wasn’t lethal, but it was real and vicious. If Ashtaroth wanted to fight, so be it. Hesitation never did have a place in their hearts.
Gemini / red eyes [ACCEPTANCE]
« Last post by Mammon on Today at 02:08:18 PM »
She did not know it, but she was technically an adult.

You couldn't tell by looking at her, however. Matted, her fur stunk like the pits of the marshes and her fur clung onto rib bones peaking like a hidden doorknob under a rug. There was little that Mammon could recall from her childhood, mixed in with her constant delusions. She could not recall the faces of her siblings, her mother, but she briefly recalled her father, and the stories he filled her head with.

A jungle. A jungle of decay, a home that should have been hers but wasn't. At the time, she believed that she deserved it. Now, she could not fathom that such a place was real. Inside, there was a Queen that had ruled, with red eyes and the power to shake mountains and they were red they were red theywerered -

When Sinuatia fell, Mammon hid. When others left, Mammon hid. A child, feeding off scraps, living off lizards, barely escaping to see the sun. In her last moments at her own home, she was buried in the mud, heartbeat faint and body buzzing. She snapped her eyes shut, but the buzzing became louder. The shadows behind her lids began to coalesce. At first, they were shapeless, meaningless, but soon they molded, and then the color bled in, and it was red, it was red it was red -

She could not recall bursting from that den, snapping and snarling and screaming. She could not recall leaving. She could not recall the countless days and nights, wandering aimlessly, running from a memory that was far from real. She could not recount the amount of times she had collapsed from exhaustion. She barely recalled reaching the borders of Gemini, collapsing once more, heaving, eyes open, in agony that she could now barely feel.

She could not even remember her own name.
Gemini / Re: summer skin [ INARIA TRIP LEAVING THREAD ]
« Last post by Witch on Today at 12:06:52 PM »
Hey homies check into this so we can get our party started
Gemini / Re: Starset [Skylar TW:depression?]
« Last post by ➤Azalea on Today at 12:41:11 AM »

Her name was muffled, the sound slow and thick as someone spoke to her from the edge of the pool.  She lifted her head, letting the rest of her body fall beneath the beneath her to rest her paws gently on the pebbled bottom. "Y'just floatin', 'Zalea?" She gave a small shrug of her shoulders, too empty to answer him. Obviously it had been a rhetorical question and she wasn't ever entirely sure how to answer those. He turned away and left the edge of the pool and her emerald eyes watched dully, wondering if he was leaving already.

Please.. don't leave me alone.

But Skylar returned as quickly as he'd left and she hated herself for the amount of relief she felt when he came back. Lea stared curiously at the flower he held between his teeth and blinked twice in surprise when he entered the pool and began wading over to her. She didn't mind the company. The mint girl leaned back again and let herself float once more, hoping Skylar would decide to join her. Had Hyperion taught him to float too? The thought of the bluefanged prince made her heart ache painfully in her chest. Stupid boys.

He placed the flower on her chest and glanced at him from the corner of her eyes, making sure not to get water in them. "For you," Skylar whispered, his smile soft and sad and she gave him one in return. Azalea hadn't been the only one hurt by Hyperion's departure, she reminded herself. It wasn't always abot her. Skylar was probably hurting too.  "Thanks." She murmured quietly. The flower didn't make her feel better, but it was the thought that counted. At least she wasn't lonely anymore. Her jade eyes fixed on a large twinkling blue star over head and she sighed heavily,

"Do you think he'll be back?"
Saboro / Re: Just Come Rolling on Through [ESCAPE PLOT START][RII]
« Last post by Bane [RP] on Yesterday at 11:25:28 PM »
OOC: Another Note!!! As we would like to keep things as ic as possible during this event but understand that rl is a factor at times, if it is not possible for you to make your own Escape threads, for whatever reason, you may reply to this with a departure post instead. The rules of escaping still apply even if you are posting here. If your character is not on the list and attempts to leave in this thread they can still be stopped. Otherwise, this is just meant to make the process move faster. Once you post you're considered officially out and we can cross you off. 
Neutral Territory / Re: Pleased to Eat You [Saki][TW: Animal Death]
« Last post by WinterFever on Yesterday at 10:23:06 PM »
"Not a damn thing, from where I'm sittin', sweetheart..."

What in the world was Vaud insinuating? Did she look healthy? Was her fur looking nice today? Or was he just being nice to her? Whatever it was, Saki.... couldn't really wrap her head around, and could only find herself nodding her head, not fighting or accepting his words. She'll just take everything with a grain of salt for now.

"But honey, you'll freeze right through winter. You're not dying on me yet."

A soft smile appeared on Saki's lips. His words of consern were nice to hear from the larger male. It wasn't often that someone else worried about her, it felt nice. Even if she barely knew the male, it was still nice. "It'll take a lot more then the cold to kill me, Vaud." Saki spoke, speaking a nickname for him for the first time in the few days they've known each other.

"We should be hittin' the road soon, though. Can't let these old bones get rusty now."

"Have you been traveling a long time?" Saki asked, slightly curious about the older male and what he could of possibly done before they had met each other. If he was hinting at himself being older, he must have a lot of stories to share with her. Someday, maybe she'll ask him about them. For now, she was pretty content on keeping his past a mystery to her.

"Gotta show you the ropes. I got plans for you, Saki."

Saki lowered her head to lick the few drops of blood off of her paws. She liked to keep herself as clean as she could, so any imperfections often annoyed her slightly.
Her light purple eyes glanced up towards Vaud as she listened to Vaud. The, she raised her head and looked at the male slightly confused. "What do you mean by plans?" She asked, wondering if she should feel uneasy with the idea that he was coming up with something or not.
Neutral Territory / Re: between times | open
« Last post by Rainer. on Yesterday at 05:13:21 PM »

   "Who are you?"

Another entered the fray - a young female of haunting familiarity. It had not been that long since the pairing, since he had seen the children and determined their health and inheritance. So when the girl, with her face oh so familiar and her coat already memorized, spoke to him, he could not help but give a small smile. "Oh, but I know you!" he laughed, voice surprisingly gentle though not too soft as to denote weakness. "Zough it haz been a long time - since you were a sucklink and your mother had no furser need of me."

Would she understand? Would he need to spell it out for her? He was sure the other lady, who he offered an apologetic smile to now, would not know the context but might very well understand what he meant. After all, how many mothers sent off their litters' sire after birth? They hadn't been mates, no nothing like that, but he had served as a bodyguard for a short while (though he kept his distance and did not discuss the self-given role) after their first meeting.

"I am Rainer." He didn't know what else to say without seeming to be calling her an imbecile, but if she did not seem to put the pieces together, he would go on. "Your sire." Not a father, he wouldn't call himself that since he hadn't been there, but he played a part in Carissi's ... coming to be.

♫ i don't break hearts ♫
♪ i destroy them ♪

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